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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Stunned Fly - Macro Photography

The other week, i saw this fly on my leg. I flicked it off and accidentally stunned it. It lay still on the floor so i took my chance and got my camera out. It came back to life soon after i had taken these photos. I really like macro photography anyway, but i think these look especially impressive. Seeing the hairs on a leg of a fly the size of a pea, i find quite amazing! I may blow these up bigger, but this will decrease the quality as they are pretty zoomed in and cropped anyway. I have done something similar to this before and painted the blown up image (which worked really well) so i can paint it as big as i like. This i am sure will have more of an impact. I would also like to give sculpture a go, and maybe create some sort of creature based on these images and others i collect.

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