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I am a second year interactive arts student at Manchester Metropolitan University, and here is what iv been up to, i hope you find some of it interesting.

Thursday, 16 June 2011


I love this, iv always wanted to try a floating ink project, and i thing this is the way to go.


This is a technique I wanted to try out, its inspired by photographer Andrzej Dragan. I used a mix of dodge and burn tools, and high-pass to create this high contrast but also incredibly detailed image. I found it works best on photographs of old people, textured skin, scars etc. I would also like to try this out using more dramatic light and on colour photographs.

Andrzej Dragan

I just love Andrzej Dragan's photography, the dynamic lighting and the intense detail! I am trying to accomplish a similar look, by experimenting a lot in photoshop, of course a good photograph to begin with is vital!!