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I am a second year interactive arts student at Manchester Metropolitan University, and here is what iv been up to, i hope you find some of it interesting.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

What is that - photography

Here are just two photos iv taken, in a series of abstract macro photographs, that i would like to continue. The top one i actually took last year, but i feel is fits well with what i am trying to achieve, it is a close up of a toothbrush and the bottom one is sprouting red onions hung up in tights. I really like them because they look really unusual, and you don't know what they are, even though 'they are photographs'.

Friday, 7 January 2011

Inverted flys

Here i was just playing around with the fly images in photoshop. I think i am coming to an end with this project now,  unless i create something completely new and separate from the photographs.

Tiny bugs

there are a few problems with photographing insects this small, it is hard to get close enough, and you can't get the same amount of detail you do with the other larger insects. So iv purposefully lit these bugs with a dynamic light, and i really like the reflection on the last one, it makes these images a bit more interesting.

Sunday, 2 January 2011

Positive negatives

I was just rooting through some of my old photo negatives, and really liked the look of these, so i took some photos of them against a window. I think they have a really nice but peculiar quality to them, because of the way they were lit they look positive but they are actually film negatives.

Continuing with the hands project

Iv decided to carry on with what i did for the Hoardings project. I am trying out different poses with a black background.