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I am a second year interactive arts student at Manchester Metropolitan University, and here is what iv been up to, i hope you find some of it interesting.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Animation with Beth

Here is a short video i made with my friends beth and lucy over christmas. It is just an experiment and would like to take this technique further as i also wanted to try a human animation, lip sinking using ether a voiceover or using an actual song, like Peter Gabriel’s music video for ‘Sledgehammer.’ This would be great but very complicated and time consuming.

Friday, 20 January 2012

More Portraits..

I have been carrying on with my photographic portraits. Editing them using a mix of hi-pass and the dodge and burn tools, to bring out the tone and texture in the subjects skin, their imperfections and flaws, their shadows and lines. Ultimately creating a very striking image, that was one the one hand very unflattering but also, I felt, was very beautiful.

For some reason I felt that the teenagers, (Harry and Lucy) benefitted from staying in color, whereas Norman was best in black and white, I think mainly because there skin has different qualities - old and young.

Norman is my favorite, which out of the two (smiling or frowning), I don’t know, I think I like them as a set, because they are so similar yet so different, with just a small change in facial expression they each invoke a completely different mood. I hope to enter him into some sort of photographic composition, and I am also playing with the idea of painting him on a very large canvas.

The Camel

This was what we finally made. We decided to make one big ‘mass’, using all off the most successful pieces we had done so far.
I found it ironic and pretty hilarious that we spent eight weeks, truthfully working really hard, and came up with what I thought it was a quite horrific piece of art work, but on the other hand I also thought it was brilliant, because it showed, in this case at least, that art designed by a committee was not a success.